Relief Organisation for Handicapped  
To promote a society in which everybody including poor, marginalized and disadvantaged communities have equal opportunities and facilities and work to their potential and be self-reliant with justice, equity & pride.
Enhancing the life standard in qualitative and quantitative terms so as to integrate the marginalized and vulnerable sections and help them to participate in the mainstream society.
Sustainable community based initiatives for development of the target group through education, health, economic and social development efforts.

SUPPORT is a body of ROH and the society is registered as
Relief Organisation for Handicapped

Introduction of the Organisation
SUPPORT in the name of ROH has been established in the year 1993 by an initiative of a group of teachers and officers some of whom are disabled with an objective to uplift the lives of disabled and marginalized sections of society. Mr. Nimton and Mr. Abshalam who have long struggled in their childhood for being blind and belonging to the backward community in the society came long way countering the difficulties to become teachers in Govt institution. They have also vast experience gathered from working in AMG International, an American organisation working for development of poor in India for being associated with it for around six years.